Liss Fenwick


First Site gallery, Melbourne. March 14-25th, 2017. 

One evening I was photographing a pile of animal bones down a marsh track near my rural home in the Northern Territory. I was standing on top of my car with a tripod at full extension, when a battered ute rolled in through the bush. A window wound down and a wiry man stared silently, cigarette in mouth. He might've been a friend's dad from high school, but I couldn't be sure. He eyeballed the scene awhile before drawling in monotone “you...”, staring with a blank expression and driving away, cigarette smouldering. Minutes later, the crackle of burning spear grass alerted me to a fire spreading down the exit track, and I wondered to myself out loud whether he set the grass alight on purpose or by accident. Humpty Doo has a way of making me paranoid like that. 


Termite swarm, Northern Territory 2016

Pigment print on cotton fibre paper, triptych, each panel 50x36cm


Monsoon, Northern Territory 2016

Pigment print on cotton fibre paper,  40x60cm


Boneyard, Northern Territory 2016

Triptych, 107x213cm, pigment prints on platine fibre paper


Dripping ember, Northern Territory 2016

Pigment Print on matte rag paper, 80 x 120cm

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