Liss Fenwick


Testing Grounds, Southbank, Melbourne. May 14-28th, 2017. 

Wrought is a photographic exhibition exploring an obscure mining town in rural Queensland with a globally connected history. Spanning five years, this project presents the fruits of a prosperous mining town alongside studies of the devastated river nearby.

The work was paired with an exhibition by Atticus Bastow, a sound artist, to form a multi-site response to the industrialised landscape, creating a link between the constructed environment and the disrupted natural environment from which it arises.

Rural woman with ore, 2017 

Pigment print on platine fibre paper, 100x70cm

School of Arts (1894), 2017

Pigment print on platine fibre paper, waxed thread, aluminium and copper solution, 100x150cm


Memorial to a copper miner erected by fellow employees 1909, 2017 

Pigment print, 85x130cm

Acid Fern and white mineral precipitates, Copper Creek, 2017

Pigment print on platine fibre rag, 100x150cm

Fire Brigade helmet (late 1800s), 2017 

Pigment print, 100x70cm

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