Liss Fenwick

Group exhibition at Five Walls gallery

Video program curated by Kieran Boland for Five Walls Projects 9 - 26 August 2017 Opening 9th August 2017 6-9pm

Featuring Atticus BASTOW | Erin COATES | Stanton CORNISH-WARD | Liss FENWICK |  Ian HAIG | Brendan LEE | Donna McRAE |  Sanja PAHOKI | Justin SPIERS | Patrick TOPITSCHNIG |  Brie TRENERRY |  Shaun WILSON

The ghost is an inexplicable image or sound without an actual existence, nevertheless associated with a particular space. In the stereotypical ghost story it is set for repeat transmission into the future; a forlorn loop acting as a catalyst for the living to uncover material clues to an unresolved relationship with the past.

The focus of our lives is increasingly disassociated from the physical realm. Algorithms now predict human behaviour better than humans can. Such algorithms, acting as invisible forces from a distance, exert more influence than the places we inhabit. Are we ghosts yet? This exhibition presents a combination of both new and old video works that reflect upon the traces we leave behind. (text by Kieran Boland) 

Wrought and Hewn exhibition at Testing Grounds


A joint exhibition between Atticus Bastow and photographer Liss Fenwick, Wrought & Hewn is a multi-site response to the industrialised landscape, creating a link between the constructed environment and the disrupted natural environment from which it arises. 

Wrought is a photographic exhibition exploring an obscure mining town in rural Queensland with a globally connected history. Spanning five years, this project presents the fruits of a prosperous enterprise alongside studies of the devastated river nearby.

Hewn is a sound installation tracing the narrative of resource transfer from unearthing of raw materials, through to their eventual manufactured ends. The sonic and sculptural components of the work comprise a documentational response to three separate instances of industrialised landscape; a vehicle manufacturing plant, a defunct quarry, and an oil refinery.

Missouri Photo Workshop

The workshop aimed to facilitate the exchange of ideas about visual storytelling through an intensive, hands-on, documentation of a small Missouri town. The workshop is in it’s 66th year, building an impressive archive starting in 1949.

This year’s MPW was held in Platte City, a small town bordered by the cornfields of Platte County. 

An Antebellum period home in Platte County.

The story came together (you can find it on my site), and the MPW experience was a powerful one. I am grateful for the support of the MPW team, my faculty members, Maggie Steber and Rick Shaw, and UQ for funding the trip. 

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