Liss Fenwick

Wrought and Hewn exhibition at Testing Grounds


A joint exhibition between Atticus Bastow and photographer Liss Fenwick, Wrought & Hewn is a multi-site response to the industrialised landscape, creating a link between the constructed environment and the disrupted natural environment from which it arises. 

Wrought is a photographic exhibition exploring an obscure mining town in rural Queensland with a globally connected history. Spanning five years, this project presents the fruits of a prosperous enterprise alongside studies of the devastated river nearby.

Hewn is a sound installation tracing the narrative of resource transfer from unearthing of raw materials, through to their eventual manufactured ends. The sonic and sculptural components of the work comprise a documentational response to three separate instances of industrialised landscape; a vehicle manufacturing plant, a defunct quarry, and an oil refinery.

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